Game engine

Solid Engine is a game engine in the making, and the ambition is to release it sometime during 2022. It is written in Rust and its renderers are written in CUDA C, which is a very uncommon combination. These language choices are based off of the notion that game development has been dominated by C++ and rasterization (using OpenGL/DirectX/...) for a long time, but that they might no longer be the best tools for the job.

The author's bet is that ray tracing will replace rasterization as the main means of rendering game graphics over the next decade, but that the transition will be painfully slow, due to all the tooling and infrastructure built around the classic game development pipeline. Solid Engine is an attempt to skip ahead, by making very opinionated choices. In the end, it might not be for everybody, but for those who can live with the tradeoffs, it will offer the possibility to create next generation games today.

Stay tuned, more information is coming during the next months!