Solid Editor

Solid Editor is Solid Engine's custom built voxel graphics editor. It is designed to be a key part of the engine's asset pipeline, enabling creation of game-ready voxel graphics assets.

Besides being natively compatible with Solid Engine, the editor sports some generally interesting and unique features.

  • True WYSIWYG editing. The editor scene is rendered using Solid Engine's path tracer in real time, yielding realistic lighting while editing.
  • The possibility to edit voxels directly in 3D, by using any brightly colored ball as a 3D pointing device. Read more about the Ball Pointer.
  • A novel approach to editor tools. Instead of many different tools with overlapping functionality (e.g. "draw square" vs. "select square", or "bucket fill" vs. "magic wand") there is only one, a versatile Selection tool. Different effects can be applied to the selected voxels, producing the same results as regular editor tools. Combined with real-time effect preview, the user experience is very similar to that of classic graphics editors, with the added benefit of being able to tweak every edit before applying it.

System requirements

  • Like all of Solid Engine, only Nvidia graphics cards are supported. A card with capabilites equal to or better than a GeForce GTX 1080 is recommended, but not required.
  • 64-bit Windows 10+ or 64-bit Linux operating system.
  • The optional Ball Pointer pointing device requires a webcam, but the editor is usable without it.


NOTE: This is an early version of the editor - expect crashes and glitches, run at your own risk - bug reports are most welcome.

Windows v0.1.0 (3 MB) Linux v0.1.0 (10 MB)

Getting started


Questions about how to use the editor, bug reports and feature requests are all handled through the editor's GitHub project issue tracker. Don't hesistate to create an issue!

If you wish to support Solid Editor's development specifically, you can become a Voxel Editor Pro user through a $10 one-time donation at GitHub Sponsors. Pro users are prioritized when it comes to answering questions, bug reports and feature requests.


The current version of Solid Editor is far from feature complete. Below are some of the planned upcoming features, in no particular order.

  • Selection tool improvements
    • "Flood fill" mode
    • Move selection
    • Invert selection
    • Expand/contract selection
    • "Select all" shortcut
    • Axis aligned Brush mode
    • Rotate selection around main axis
    • Option to expand Shape selection from center
    • Anti-aliased selection
  • Effects improvements
    • Noise effect
    • Blur/sharpen effect
    • Rotate effect
    • Mirror effect
    • Color sensitive option for Erode and Dilate effects
  • Material improvements
    • Stochastic variables for hue, saturation, lightness, alpha and radiance
    • "Eyedropper" tool; pick material under cursor
  • MagicaVoxel .vox file import and export
  • Polygon model import
  • Animation support
  • Scene layers
  • Multiple selection layers
  • Camera field of view setting, (incl. orthographic camera)
  • UI improvements
    • Better range input drag
    • Better window drag
    • Fix window z-ordering
    • Fix text rendering artefacts
  • Signed Windows executable (to avoid security warnings)
  • Crash report telemetry
  • Auto update
  • AMD graphics card support (don't hold your breath!)